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11/14/16/18/20/25MM Glass Ball With Silver/Bronze Caps
20x12MM/20MM Glass Ball With Metal Screw Cap and Rubber Seal
Fillable Vials, Fillable Phials, Reliquary Supplies with necklace Cord(4 Designs Aviailable)
Little Prince Rose Glass Terrarium Globe
Murano Glass Perfume Necklace Small Heart
38X17MM Perfume vial pendant(7 Colors available)
Flower Petal Necklace(5 Designs Available)
Shadowbox Pendant With Transparent Acrylic Slice Cover
Glass Ball With Metal Screw Cap and Rubber Seal
Brass setting fit with 25mm glass cabochon pendant
10/12/14/16MM Glass Ball With Metal Caps
Glass Locket pendant without chain (2 colors available)
16/18/20/25MM Glass Ball With Natural Acorn Caps
Glass Ball With Corks
38X17MM Aroma Diffuser Bottle Necklace With Bottom Hole
6/8/10/12/14MM Mini Glass Ball With 925 Silver Caps
20MM 25MM Glass Ball Real dandelion seeds necklace
40x10/40x12/50x18MM Glass tube Dandelion Real Seed Necklace
Trinkettes Charms Glass Vials Necklace (8 Designs Aviailable)
Real dry flower glass locket necklace(3 Designs available)
Real dry flower glass locket necklace(3 Designs available)
Real dry flower glass locket necklace(3 Designs available)
Wire Wrapped Clear Perfume Bottle Pendants
25MM Real dandelion seeds necklace
Glass Tear Drop/Heart Real dandelion seeds necklace
Glass Ball With Metal Screw Caps
25mm Screw Living Locket
30mm Round Floating Glass Locket(4 colors available)
30MM Crystal Glass Memory Locket(4 colors available)
40X12MM Mini Vials With Metal Corks
20/25MM Glass Dandelion Real Seed Globe with wish pendant Necklace
16/18/20/25MM Dandelion Real Seed Glass Bulb Wish Necklace
25x18MM/25X38MM Glass Globe Necklace Pendants
10/12/14/16/18/20/25MM Glass Ball Bottle With Metal Caps
Murano Glass Perfume Necklace Dust Ball
31X18MM Flat Bottom Tear Drop With Metal Cap
Mini Vials with Copper Caps
Murano Glass Perfume Necklace Gold Dust Ball
Mini Bottle(22MMX11MM,1ML)
Sun Pink
6MM Cat Pink
6MM Spotted Dog
6MM Tube Snake (3 colors available)
6MM Round Bottom Tube With Preglued Silver-plated screw caps(about 28MM Long)
6MM Bulb (Preglued silver-plated screw caps)
6MM Tube Daisy(3 colors available)
6MM Pig (2 colors available)
6MM Turtle (5 colors available)
6MM Cross (3 colors available)

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